Master of Arts in Teaching

A rigorous degree translating theory into practice
Relay teacher teaching
Earn a master's while working full time
Gain state certification (if needed)
Take 40% of classes online for convenience
Complete practical, authentic assignments

Master of Arts in Teaching

The Relay Master of Arts in Teaching gives you the tools to build your skills and teach with confidence. You’ll engage in frequent practice and receive personalized feedback from expert professors that will enable to you to take your teaching to the next level, whether you're a beginner or a veteran.

In this video, learn more about what makes the Relay approach unique.

Program Overview

The Relay Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) translates educational theory into practice in a highly effective two-year degree and certification* program. Working with expert faculty and surrounded by dedicated peers, you’ll learn proven teaching skills and build the mindsets necessary to lead a vibrant, learning-filled classroom. You’ll also develop pedagogical expertise in your chosen subject area and learn strategies to educate the whole child. The targeted feedback you receive from professors and peers, coupled with unparalleled opportunities for  authentic practice, will enable you to hone your skills and elevate your craft.

A hallmark of the Relay MAT program is the Master’s Defense, a capstone project at the end of year two in which you’ll reflect upon your evolution as a teacher and the growth of your PK-12 students. Having completed the program and practiced daily, you’ll graduate confident and ready to ensure that all students in your classroom are learning and growing, both academically and personally. 

*Most Relay MAT programs include prerequisites for earning a teaching credential (alternate route certification/licensure). Learn more about certification and other campus-specific details on the campus information pages. Relay also offers a certification-only program in some states.

of graduates say that Relay
made a difference in their ability to bolster PK-12 student performance