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The Crescent City is a melting pot of cultures, history, and innovation.
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About Relay New Orleans

For the past decade, New Orleans has emerged as one of the most innovative public school environments in the United States. The Crescent City has been the site of an urban renaissance that includes major revolutions to its school system and a renewed emphasis on tourism. Relay New Orleans currently offers the following programs: Relay Teaching Residency, Master of Arts in Teaching, Add-On Certification in Special Education, Alternate Teacher Certification, Relay Tutor Corps, and Relay Summer Experience.







Relay Teaching Residency 
Master of Arts in Teaching
Alternate Teacher Certification

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David Wallace

Dean Dr. David Wallace

​​​​​​Relay Louisiana (Baton Rouge & New Orleans) is led by Dr. David J. Wallace. He brings incredible experience as an outstanding PK-12 teacher, a phenomenal Relay faculty member, and an educational scholar to our Baton Rouge and New Orleans teams. Dr. Wallace began his career first as an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn, New York, and then as instructional leader at a K-6 school in Miami before joining the Relay New York City faculty. He has spent six years with Relay to date, and also serves as the Founder and Chief Awakening Officer of Awakening Minds LLC, an educational consulting firm. Dr. Wallace holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Morehouse College, a master’s degree from Relay Graduate School of Education, and an Educational Doctorate from St. Thomas University. His research interests include teacher self-efficacy and the experiences of male educators of color.

In his role as Dean of Relay Louisiana, Dr. Wallace will support Relay faculty and staff in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans, while also developing our statewide vision and strategy to grow our impact.

City Highlights

Get to know New Orleans, Louisiana.



Join in on one of the biggest parties in the United States — Mardi Gras! The annual carnival lights up New Orleans with jazz music, delicious food, and great community. For more jazz, take a free tour at New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park to learn about a central part of New Orleans culture. The annual New Orleans JazzFest is also a hit with residents and tourists alike.

New Orleans is known for having incredible food. Enjoy a beignet (a French donut) at Cafe du Monde — people come from far and wide for these  — and try some jambalaya and gumbo. The streets of the historic French Quarter are lined with beautiful architecture, dining, and entertainment venues, so you can geet a taste of French Creole and Cajun culture any time of year.


The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is a network of buses and streetcars with almost 40 routes through neighborhoods in New Orleans. Depending on school and living location, having a car in New Orleans may be necessary, although the downtown district is dense and public transportation and cycling provide a good alternative option.

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