Teaching Certification

A power-packed program for new and uncertified teachers
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Complete prerequisites for state certification
Earn credits toward a master’s degree
Learn from expert classroom educators
Take convenient classes while working full-time

Teaching Certification

Relay Teaching Certification is a program for new teachers seeking state licensure that goes beyond basic training. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a career changer, you’ll develop the skills to start making an impact the minute you enter the classroom. 

In this video, learn more about what makes the Relay approach to preparing teachers unique.

about the program

Relay Teaching Certification is a one-year* alternate route certification program that prepares novice teachers, career changers, and others in need of teaching certification to enter the classroom with confidence. You’ll develop the skills needed to help children grow and earn your state teaching credential.

This practical program is grounded in the theories and mindsets of successful teachers. Starting in the summer, you’ll the learn the fundamentals of creating a positive classroom culture and receive coaching from faculty who are experienced PK-12 teachers. Throughout the program, you’ll build your skills and receive support preparing for certification exams. You’ll complete the program prepared to pass licensure exams and continue your professional development as a teacher.



Relay offers two additional programs that include preparation for state certification as part of master’s coursework. Most Relay Master of Arts in Teaching programs recommend teachers for certification. The Relay Teaching Residency offers state certification and a master’s degree in two years, along with extra support in year one. Aspiring teachers who would like help finding a teaching job are strongly encouraged to apply to the Relay Teaching Residency.

*Most Teaching Certification programs can be completed in one year. Some states, e.g., New Jersey, require a two-year state certification program. Visit your campus information page to learn more about your local state certification/licensure program.