Teacher Pespectives

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Ramel Nealy
My experience at Relay lead me into using student data to drive meaningful instruction and creating classroom culture that is inclusive.
— Ramel Nealy, MAT
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Teacher Perspectives

Since 2011, Relay has been on a mission to help teachers reach their potential. In 2019-20, we served more than 5,000 teachers at our campuses across the country. Relay teachers range from novices to veterans, and they come from a variety of backgrounds. Hear perspectives from students who have participated in Master of Arts in Teaching, Special Education Certification, and Teaching Certification programs.
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“Relay is a hands-on program that aligns perfectly to teaching. I love attending Relay classes because I feel that they help me improve the way I teach, and my students benefit from it as a result.”

— Kai Lee, MAT ‘16


“I  was able to complete my master's degree while working full time and in the same year my second child was born. The teachers and staff are some of the most amazing, brilliant, and good-hearted people I have ever met.”

— Angelica Aspiras-Liristis, MAT ‘16


“This program has helped me make learning more engaging and exciting for my students. it benefits all of my classes, including the suggestions that I make for my general education students in the classroom.”

— Kimberly Guillen, MAT & Special Education Certification ‘17


“The Relay Dual Certification in Special Education program has given me the necessary tools and key mindsets to effectively communicate with colleagues, parents, and administrative staff about how to best support the needs of the communities I service—while keeping the end goal in mind, which is the growth and development of the student.”

— Ayanna Bridges, MAT & Special Education Certification ‘17


“Relay professors were all there to lend a helping hand. They taught me patience, and that improved my teaching practice.”

Richard Atkins, MAT ‘15

Ashley Baffour
I've noticed my exceptional learners have made so much progress...I find myself more ready to advocate for what is in the best interest of the child because Relay gave me the tools to do so.
— Ashley Baffour, Special Education Certification ‘16