Tuition and Schedule

A black male and black female principal work together at the National Principals Academy


Relay is committed to ensuring that our programs are affordable for fellows. The National Principals and Principal Supervisor Academy fellowships are competitively priced leadership opportunities. Sponsoring schools and organizations, alongside generous Relay donors, cover the cost of tuition for the fellowship. Tuition covers all program costs, materials, and lodging for non-local fellows. It does not cover travel to and from program sessions.

Sponsoring organizations may contact the Leadership Programs Team for further details about tuition. Note that Relay works directly with central offices, districts, CMOs, and funders to allocate seats for our National Principal and Principal Supervisor Academy fellowships.


Principal Supervisor Fellows will be expected to attend a pre-summer intensive training in April. Additionally, each Fellow will attend one of two summer intensives based on their school calendar.  All participants from a given partner should plan on attending the same cohort together unless there are unavoidable conflicts. Each Fellow will attend four weekend intersessions. The dates by cohorts are as follows:

  Date Location
Pre-Summer Intensive Training (NPSA only) April 11-13, 2019 New York, NY
Summer Intensive (Cohort 1) June 17-26, 2019 Denver, CO
ILPD* (Cohort 1) June 17-21, 2019 Denver, CO
Summer Intensive (Cohort 2) July 8-17, 2019 San Antonio, TX
ILPD* (Cohort 2) July 8,12, 2019 San Antonio, TX
Intersession 1A (Cohort 1) Oct 10-12, 2019 Charlotte, NC
Intersession 1B (Cohort 2) Oct 24-26, 2019 Atlanta, GA
Intersession 2 Dec 13-14, 2019 Denver, CO
Intersession 3 Feb 7-8, 2020 Atlanta, GA
Intersession 4 May 15-16, 2020 Denver, CO

Note: The intersession dates are for Principals, Principal Supervisors, and those who participated in the Instructional Leadership PD last year and would like to return to complete the program. 

*We will continue offering the Instructional Leaders Professional Development (ILPD Year 1) program, for non-principal leaders, which takes place during the first week in the summer for each intensive. This is an opportunity for non-principal leaders to come and learn alongside their leaders. This program does not participate in intersessions.

**Additionally, those who have already completed ILPD and wish to enroll in the NPAF program (ILPD Year 2) to complete the second portion of summer intensive and the four weekend intersessions will attend the dates listed above for each summer intensive and weekend intersessions, but will be excused from the first four days of summer intensive (June 17 - 20 or July 8 - 11) and will have adjusted tuition rates

of fellows hail from districts;
50% come from public charter schools