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Denise De La Rose
I cannot believe how truly blessed I am to belong to a cohort of fellows and leaders that pushes me beyond my limits, helps me grow as an instructional leader, and all the while leaves me laughing, crying and truly filled with love and light.
— Denise De La Rosa, Leverage Leadership Institute '18

Program Overview

The Leverage Leadership Institute is a selective fellowship program that prepares great leaders to become extraordinary. Leaders selected for the fellowship are in the top 10% of schools in their local district or state and have led student outcomes and opportunities to double-digit gains. If you are a leader who has achieved noteworthy results or transitioned to managing other principals, this program will provide you with the tools to achieve even larger-scale impact for children and schools. 

In the Leverage Leadership Institute, you will join a diverse community of principals and principal managers from across the country for a yearlong fellowship with Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Relay faculty member and Uncommon Schools' Chief Schools Officer 9-12 (also author of Driven by Data, Leverage Leadership, and Great Habits, Great Readers). After completing the fellowship, you will have the opportunity to earn the distinction of a Leverage Leadership Proof Point or Instructor to teach the levers of instructional and cultural leadership. Most importantly, you will join a community driving impact in schools of all types across the country.

LLI 19-20 Fellows
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2019-20 Leverage Leadership Institute Fellows
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Leverage Leadership school leader Workshops

Register your team to learn the fundamentals of strong instructional systems based on the work of Paul Bambrick-Santoyo in his books, Leverage Leadership and Get Better Faster. These sessions – Observation and Feedback, Weekly Data Meetings, and Leading School Culture – are ideal for anyone who coaches at least one teacher or who will be preparing to coach in the coming year.

These one-day trainings are delivered by fellows of the Leverage Leadership Institute, a select group of public school leaders with a proven track record of results.

Learn more here: Leadership Workshops for 2020-2021

of LLI graduates
saw double-digit comparative gains in the schools they manage after completing the program


TUncommon schools logohe Leverage Leadership Institute Fellowship is offered through a partnership with Uncommon Schools.