Leverage Leadership Institute

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Excellence in Execution

Video Submissions and Practice

First, you must “walk the walk” and show mastery of execution in your school(s). You will focus on developing mastery in specific levers of leadership, such as using data to drive instruction, leading adult professional development, delivering effective observation and feedback,  and creating positive school-wide culture.

You will film yourself implementing these practices in your home school(s) and will submit your videos and evidence of authentic implementation as assignments for feedback. During class sessions, you will analyze and discuss effective practices demonstrated by peers in your cohort. You will also receive individualized feedback and practice implementing that feedback to improve your practice. In between class sessions, you will receive coaching from LLI leaders and be paired with partners in the cohort to get additional practice providing and implementing feedback. Throughout the program, you will work to deeply implement the levers in your school(s) and earn consistently excellent ratings on the rubric(s) in order to achieve distinction.

During the fellowship, you will gain access to frameworks, cheat sheets, presentations, and other supporting materials that will help you further develop mastery across the levers.

“Leverage Leadership was an amazing experience. I have new friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Putting myself all-in and being vulnerable raised the bar for the work I do with my leaders.. It was so worth it.”

— Jessica Haight, Leverage Leadership Institute ‘18

Excellence in Teaching

Developing your Skills as a Leverage Leadership Instructor

Over the course of the fellowship, you will observe strong faculty in action, identify elements of outstanding adult learning, and work to develop your own, authentic, adult learning skills. If you are successful in presenting the levers of leadership and coaching others to develop their skills, you will become an approved Leverage Leadership Instructor. Through your work training principals, greater numbers of students and communities across the country will have the opportunity to benefit from highly effective school leadership.

Leverage Leadership Instructors will join a prestigious community of outstanding leaders who will receive ongoing development, support, and access to leading-edge changes in best practice leadership curriculum.

LLI fellow schools
have earned "School of the Year" or "Blue Ribbon" status