Leverage Leadership Institute

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LLI 2020 Cohort



Step 1

First, you may be nominated by one of our partner organizations. If your district does not have a partnership with Relay Leadership Programs, discuss this opportunity with your district/network leadership to secure approval to apply. See Admissions Criteria below for more information.


Step 2

Next, complete the Relay admissions application, which includes education and employment information. You'll also need to provide these materials: 

  • Resume
  • Short essay
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Student results



The Application for the 2020-2021 LLI Fellowship is live and will close on March 1 2020. Election notifications will be send via email by early April. Selected applicants must confirm their enrollment in order to ensure a full cohort is identified prior to the first intersession event in May.

Admissions Criteria

The Leverage Leadership Institute is a selective fellowship opportunity for approximately 25 leaders each year who are in the top 10% of schools in their local district or state and have led student outcomes and opportunities to double-digit gains.

The fellowship is for current principals and principal supervisors who are already familiar with the levers of leadership, have implemented them in their school(s), and have demonstrated strong results. It is open to school leaders of all types of schools in all regions who meet the criteria.

Unofficial transcripts and evidence of student results are required as part of the application. Please begin working on compiling your student achievement outcomes and requesting your unofficial transcript as soon as possible, as these can be the most time-consuming part of the application process.

Nominations received from superintendents, current LLI fellows or alumni, and Relay GSE will be given strong consideration for this program. Nominations should be sent to ksullivan@relay.edu.

Student Results Guidelines

As part of the selection process, the selection committee validates the student results of leaders applying. Guidelines for submitting evidence of impact are as follows:

  • Submit student achievement data that demonstrates, at a minimum:
    • Evidence that your school (or the schools you manage) are in the top 10% of your local district or state;
    • Evidence that you (or the schools you manage) had double-digit gains in relation to the statewide or district-wide average gains in the last one to three years.
  • If results are not a state or district validated report, please use the text section of the application to provide a link to a validated source of data.
  • Provide any additional context or explanation that would be helpful in evaluating student achievement results.
  • Please note that meeting the achievement data criteria does not guarantee admission – the higher your outcomes for students and the more years you experienced these outcomes, the more likely it is that you will be accepted.
  • Results should be uploaded in the Excel template provided in the application whenever possible.

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