School Leader Perspectives

Relay principals chat
Rebecca Utton
Very rarely in my work these days do I get pushed like I have been pushed by the Leverage Leadership Institute. I got better feedback that strengthened my practice faster than any other experience I've had in the last few years.
— Rebecca Utton, Leverage Leadership Institute ‘16
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principals work together
Principals work together

School Leader Perspectives

Relay school leaders represent a wide range of school types and roles. They are principals, principal supervisors, instructional leaders, and teacher coaches at traditional district schools, public charter schools, and parochial schools. In 2017-18, leaders in the National Principals Academy came from 25 states across the U.S. Hear perspectives from participants in the National Principals Academy and the Leverage Leadership Institute.
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“Relay has been career changing for me. It has been such a positive impact that I want to dedicate my career to supporting schools through challenging transitions.”

— Lori Bailey, National Principals Academy ‘16


“Relay taught me how to be more intentional about staff culture — which has led to less teacher turnover!”

— Mary Duran, National Principals Academy ‘16


“In my position overseeing special education in Denver Public Schools, Relay has helped me lead the department to reinvision what quality professional learning truly looks like for educators.”

— Josh Drake, National Principals Academy ‘16 


“My year at Relay kept me focused on the most impactful work with teachers.

— Prudence Daniels, National Principals Academy ‘16


“Relay taught me the importance of true, thorough planning. There was nothing more important then realizing that the best thing I could do for my school was plan, plan, and plan some more.”

 — Tait Donhausen, National Principals Academy ‘15


“The skills I learned at Relay helped me adjust my practices to become a better leader.”

— Linda Slothower, National Principals Academy ‘15


Chi Tschang
I started Leverage Leadership Institute not knowing what to expect and immediately realized a couple things. One was that there was a clear vision of excellence that I was driving towards. The second was that a support structure existed to help me get there.
— Chi Tschang, Leverage Leadership Institute ‘16