Resident Perspectives

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Alexis Canty
The Teaching Residency has allowed me to develop as a teacher and person.
— Alexis Canty, Relay Teaching Residency ‘18
Emily Seid
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Teaching Resident Perspectives

Relay teaching residents are recent college graduates (and some career changers) who have decided to pursue an exciting career in teaching. They are passionate, impact-oriented individuals ready to make a difference. As a group, they are extremely diverse — nearly 70% identify as people of color. Hear perspectives from graduate students who have participated in the Relay Teaching Residency at one of our 19 campus locations.
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“The people that I started the Relay Residency with last year, that I see on a weekly basis, are going to change the world.”

— Emily Seid, Relay Teaching Residency ‘17

“Every time I left the Relay Classroom and went back to my classroom, I was a better teacher, and I could feel that progress.”

— Leslie Nelson-Abell, Relay Teaching Residency ‘17

“Investing in yourself will help you be a better teacher. There's no way you can be in this program without growing.”

— Paris Lovette, Relay Teaching Residency ‘17

“The Relay Teaching Residency has helped me make professional connections with master educators that serve as both my professors and mentors in the field.”

— Ymani Belcher, Relay Teaching Residency ‘18

Marilyn Romero
The process of doing it slowly allowed me to grow, and at the same time, see how I could get better each and every day.
— Marilyn Romero, Relay Teaching Residency ‘17