Mar 25, 2019

Relay Advanced Certificate Teacher Spotlight: Colleen Coburn

Colleen Coburn

How did the advance certificate (adv cert) program impact your practice?

The Advance Certificate (Adv Cert) Special Education program impacted my practice by equipping me with tools and resources to meet the needs of all learners. I learned how to implement and write IEP’s, use interventions that rapidly catch students up to grade level, spoke with families about how to support their child at home and their rights in this system, and advocated for the students in my classroom and around the school as a whole.

WHAT is the one thing that you learned in the adv cert program that you use on a daily basis? 

Every day I use what I've learned in the Adv Cert program to accommodate for speech and language needs in my classroom and in the students’ independent work. Sometimes just defining a word or repeating a question can make a difference between a scholar participating and making their voice heard.

why would you recommend the adv cert program?

I recommend the Adv Cert program because it is a great way to educate yourself about exceptional learners so you can apply what you’ve learned directly into your practice and this will have an immediate and beneficial impact on all learners.

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