Feb 01, 2019

Relay Resident Spotlight: Kevin Weah

Kevin Weah

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Bronx, NYC. Both of my parents are from Ghana and came to NYC in the early 80s for a better life. Throughout my life, they have put a huge emphasis on education and made me understand the importance of receiving an education and becoming the best version of myself in life. I have always had an interest in learning something new every single day, which has led me to gravitate towards watching documentaries on various topics to expand my knowledge and become aware of not only my surroundings, but also the world outside of me.

What inspires you to do the work that you do?

My father is not only my inspiration, but also my motivation. At a young age, he expressed to me the story of how he came to America. He explained how he had to struggle in the village where he grew up and how education was his way out of the poverty he endured. He came to NY in the early 80s working at a gas station in the South Bronx, eventually becoming a manager. He then attended and graduated from NYU and received a degree in accounting. Many years later in 2003, he decided to go back to school once again to study Radiology in which he graduated and is now an X-ray Tech and does MRIs. I've always told myself that if my father could withstand all obstacles and do something with his life, there is no excuse for me not to become just as successful, or even better.

How has Relay helped you to become a more impactful teacher?

The professors at Relay have welcomed me with open arms and treated me with the utmost respect. They gave me a sense of feeling that they are with me in the battlefield as I go through each obstacle. I never get the feeling that I am doing this alone and I can truly say that is what keeps me going because I know they value me as an individual and want to see me win.

At Relay, we truly believe that a teacher is one of the most impactful people in a students' life. Can you share with us someone who has impacted your life in a similar way?

My history professor in college had a huge impact in my life because he taught me things that were beyond a textbook. He made me understand that in life we have to always look at the other perspectives and always keep in mind that history doesn't repeat itself, people repeat history.

What do you love about teaching in your respective city/town?

I love that I can relate to these kids because I am a product of the same environment that they are living in. I understand my students and remember as a child my teachers did not go out of their way to get to know me or other students, and it seemed as if they were just there to "do their job", whereas now as a teacher I know that teaching is way more than simply teaching a lesson, it's about building trust and a relationship with your students. The best feeling for me is knowing that my students feel comfortable enough to talk to me about anything.

Tell us one word that you would use to describe your students. What inspires or resonates with you about them the most?

My students are loving. They each have a kind heart and simply want to receive what they give out, which is love. They want to know and feel that they are cared for and respected, so I do my very best to make sure that is being shown from me.

Do you have a favorite quote, movie or book that helps motivate you & the work that you do?

"There are 7 days in a week, someday is not one of them." I feel this quote explains itself....Time waits for no one, just get up and get it done.

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