Dec 04, 2018

Relay New Orleans Resident Spotlight: Emani Flowers

Emani Flowers

What inspires you to do the work that you do?
Knowing that I am involved in providing my students with a quality education is what inspires me to do the work I do. It's important to me that my students' obtain knowledge to become economically productive, active contributors to their societies, and are able to sustain healthy livelihoods.

How has Relay helped you to become a more impactful teacher?
Relay has taught me various teaching strategies and mindsets that put me at an advantage to becoming a more impactful teacher. I have the opportunity to practice learned strategies, receive feedback at the moment, and refine those strategies before entering my classroom. I am confident in my decisions in the classroom with the tools given to me by Relay.

What do you love about teaching in New Orleans?
I am born and raised in New Orleans. I have graduated from K-12 schools as well as college here in the city of New Orleans. I love that I get to teach within my community. There's so much beauty and culture here in New Orleans that is appreciated everywhere. Even with that, New Orleans still lacks proper access to quality education and is in constant educational reform. I love that I am directly involved in the progressive educational reform in New Orleans.

Tell us one word that you would use to describe your students. What inspires or resonates with you about them the most?
One word I would use to describe my students is tenacious. I am aware that my students experience adversity every day and are at some disadvantages in education, but they never give up. I witness my students' victorious moments and get to share that with them as they conquer many daily challenges in and out of the classroom. We overcome challenges together, and this is what inspires me about them the most.

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