Aug 09, 2017

Relay Launches New Website

Improved user experience will help current and aspiring educators find the right pathway for them
Dean Jabari Sims instructs new teachers in classroom

Last month, Relay launched a refreshed website to better engage with the growing number of current and aspiring educators served through Relay programs. The site is more user-friendly than ever before, and hosts an array of exciting new features, while allowing for a streamlined look and simpler navigation.

“Now, the entire experience is really geared toward the needs of our users,” said Mike Lynch, Relay’s Senior Director of Technology. “Implementing the latest in web infrastructure, Relay’s refreshed site brings core offerings to the forefront — including the global application page and Relay Teaching Residency – making it easier for interested individuals to find the information they need and apply.”

Several new features have also been added to the Relay site, including audience pages. Whether you’re a college student in Dallas, a recent graduate from Memphis, or an educator in New York, you’ll find a specifically curated audience page that showcases the Relay programs most relevant to you. You’ll find program details spelled out intuitively, as well as links to sign up for more information about your favorite opportunities. 

And, who better to tell you about Relay than a graduate? Perspectives from Relay alumni — in the form of highlighted quotes and short video essays — have also been added to the new site. These add increased depth and a personal side to our program descriptions, giving audiences a glimpse of just how impactful building a career with Relay can be. 

Finally, the site also features campus pages designed to show off each of Relay’s 15 unique campuses and the cities that shape them. Campus pages will allow anyone interested to see the cost of specific Relay programs, teacher salaries, and any relevant certification requirements, making it possible to envision the future and take the necessary steps to get there.

There are many more new additions to explore, such as the Relay library, alumni center and more. And, this launch represents more improvements in the months to come – stay tuned and keep checking back for more!

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