Oct 03, 2017

Relay’s Network of Educators Increase by 40 Percent in 2017

Relay opens three new campuses across the U.S. along with an increase in enrollment for its teacher and school leader programs.
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This fall, Relay Graduate School of Education welcomes its largest cohort of over 3,400 educators across 15 campuses nationwide. Now entering its seventh year as an independent institution, Relay starts the school year with nearly 3,000 current and aspiring teachers and more than 430 principals and principal supervisors. In addition to the current students, since its start in 2011, Relay’s programs have served about 3,000 alumni of teachers, principals and education leaders bringing a reach of more than 500,000 students across the country since inception.

Relay has seen a steady drumbeat of growth and expansion in the last two years alone. This year’s growth resulted in the opening of three new campuses: Dallas Fort-Worth, San Antonio and Washington D.C.—each campus designed with the purpose of teaching teachers through the Teaching Residency and the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. In addition, Relay is also seeing growth happening at established campuses. This year, Relay launched a partnership with the School District of Philadelphia in an effort to address the local teacher shortage.

Along with teacher training programs, Relay also has something to offer for principals and district leaders in search for professional development opportunities. Programs like the Leverage Leadership Institute and the National Principals Academy give school leaders the chance to learn how to elevate their leadership skills in order to empower, guide and motivate teachers within their school. Across the country, school leaders in California, Colorado, New York, Texas and Washington are being trained by Relay faculty.

"At Alpha, we are committed to actively developing community members at every level—students, parents, teachers, and school leaders. As a network, this means ensuring that our school leaders are receiving the development necessary to be effective instructional leaders who coach and support our teachers—the people making the biggest impact on our students and families,” said Hope Evans, Director of Leadership Development at Alpha Public Schools in East San José, Calif. “Through Relay, we've been able to create a systematic approach to developing leaders, and as a result, our school leaders are better prepared to tackle more of the unique challenges at their school site.”

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