Feb 08, 2016

Training Data Literate Teachers

A new MSDF and WestEd case study highlights Relay among four featured teacher preparation programs.
Training Data Literate Teachers

Relay’s approach to teacher preparation focuses on the real-world demands of classrooms and schools. Relay candidates study, observe, and practice elements of effective instruction. Relay’s use of authentic assessments means that candidates must demonstrate both an understanding of teaching and their ability to put that knowledge into practice in their classrooms. For example, teachers enrolled in Relay’s programs design culturally responsive lesson plans, select strategies for cultivating positive student relationships, and annotate texts to plan guided reading lessons. Many assessments use video as a tool for reflection and evaluation. Relay candidates receive feedback, coaching, and mentoring from our faculty and mentors that support continuous improvement.

As you’ll read in a recent WestEd case study published by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, we also believe that data literacy is essential to being an effective teacher. At Relay, teachers learn how to measure and monitor student learning and growth and modify instruction on the basis of the resultant data. Whether teachers are reviewing data on state exam results, classroom assessment performance, student attendance, student behavior, or other educational outcomes, we believe that these activities improve teaching and learning in meaningful ways. By committing themselves to this high standard of reflective and responsive teaching, our current teachers and alumni help bring Relay closer to achieving its mission goal of closing the opportunity gap.

Read the full case study here to learn more about Relay’s approach to training data-literate teachers.

Relay is proud to be part of a series of case studies highlighting how four teacher preparation programs define data literacy training for their teacher candidates. In partnership with WestEd, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation studied four programs – Western Oregon UniversityBoston Teacher ResidencyRelay Graduate School of Education and Urban Teachers – to help shed light on what constitutes a quality program and how each approaches data literacy. Find links to the whole series below.

Introduction:Training Data-Literate Teachers Case Studies
Case Study: Western Oregon University
Case Study: Boston Teacher Residency
Case Study: Relay Graduate School of Education
Case Study: Urban Teachers

If you’d like to read the entire series at once, download here.

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