Mar 03, 2016

Admissions 2016: The Relay Experience

It's time to apply to Relay's 2016-17 programs, and we have created a new video to inspire action.
Admissions 2016: The Relay Experience

The 2016 admissions season is officially underway, and we are eager to enroll the next class of game-changing teachers.

We have created this short highlight reel to showcase the Relay experience for prospective graduate students considering Relay.

The video features interviews with favorite Relay faculty including Dean of Relay, Mayme Hostetter, and Dean of Relay Newark, Jamey Verrilli, as well as testimonials from some of our graduate students. Learn about our mission, our unique, practice-based approach, our wide range of student supports, and more.

Are you ready to pursue a rewarding career in teaching? Do you know someone who would be a great fit for Relay? Please share this video and apply!

You can learn more about the programs available at our eight campuses here.

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