Jul 27, 2015

Blend Your Teaching Today: Three New Modules Focused on Blended Learning

Learn more about new Blended Learning modules that Relay will launch in August.
Blend Your Teaching Today: Three New Modules Focused on Blended Learning

Welcome to BL-101: Beginning to Blend. The video excerpts below were put together to give you a glimpse into new Blended Learning content that will soon be public. In August, 2015, Relay will launch 3 FREE, online modules preparing teachers to teach Blended Learning: the strategic integration of technology and in-person instruction focused on the pursuit of student achievement. 

The modules will explore the WHAT and WHY of Blended Learning in a tangible, practice-based manner. These modules contain tools for you wherever you are in your Blended Learning journey: whether you just want to start exploring blending, or whether you are interested in fine-tuning your current models using actionable strategies, concrete resources, and an open forum to share ideas with your peers. Below is a quick taste from BL-101 of what will be public in August. Enjoy!

- Juliana Finegan, Blended Learning Curriculum Design, Relay Graduate School of Education

Why blended?


Where do I start?

Where Do I Start

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