Oct 30, 2010

Getting a Kid from Newark to Oberlin

Relay President Norman Atkins explains what the best teachers are doing now.
Getting a Kid from Newark to Oberlin

"First, great teaching trumps demography," Norman Atkins, Relay Graduate School of Education's founder and president, writes in The Wall Street Journal.

Engaging all of the students all of the time generates tens of thousands of additional hours of meaningful learning each year. "That will change the trajectory of students' lives."

"Second, urban school districts must act like Silicon Valley, not the car industry," Atkins argues. "Districts should open up their old buildings and give more great leaders the opportunity to create new high-achieving public schools."

"Finally, mindset matters most," he writes. "All students need love and high expectations, but too often they get the opposite."

Read our president's full piece in the Journal.

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