Relay Summer Experience

A summer internship that pays AND rewards
A black female college student claps hands with a young black female student.
Gain full immersion in a fun teaching experience
Live and work alongside passionate peers
Teach traditional subjects in an untraditional way
Receive extensive leadership coaching
Photo of Relay Summer Experience participant Brandon Mercadel, a black man, smiling.
I never really knew I wanted to teach, but the Relay Summer Experience helped me see that now I have to fulfill my calling as a teacher.
— Brandon Mercadel, Relay Summer Experience ‘16


Relay Summer Experience is an intensive, six-week summer teaching fellowship program. Earn a scholarship and gain valuable experience teaching summer school to elementary and middle school students.

In this program, you’ll spend four weeks teaching summer school after receiving two weeks of extensive training. Over the course of the summer, you’ll teach both core and extra-curricular subjects and experience the power of helping students grow. At the same time, you’ll build meaningful relationships with a diverse cohort of peers committed to personal development, education, service, and social justice.

“I spent almost all my free time this summer in a culture created by intelligent, innovative young people, and for that I am grateful and changed.”

— Madeline Jones, Relay Summer Experience ‘16


During your initial two week training, you’ll learn how to teach, and you’ll be coached and mentored by experienced teachers. 
You’ll learn from Relay’s innovative curriculum and outstanding professors how to create an exciting classroom culture, plan and deliver rigorous lessons, and have fun with your students and peers.  You will build your unique teacher identity, and your students will grow as a result of your passion and experience.
While learning how to teach young students, you’ll also engage in powerful discussions and team building activities with your peers.

Financial Information

College students will receive a scholarship for their participation in the program.



Program Location

The Relay Summer Experience takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana and San Antonio, Texas - both cities rich with history, food, and culture.

Summer Experience student engaging with his students
Relay New Orleans
San Antonio Riverwalk

Relay Summer Experience

Spend your summer experiencing all that San Antonio or New Orleans has to offer while making an impact on the lives of children in the communities. You gain insight incredible insights and have an unforgettable summer.