Relay San Antonio M.A.T.: Content Intensive

In partnership with San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD), Relay San Antonio offers an M.A.T.: Content Intensive program for teachers with at least two years of experience seeking to deepen their content knowledge and sharpen their pedagogical skills. In addition to earning a master’s degree, teachers will gain the qualifications to teach either dual-credit (high school and college) classes or add additional certification areas.


SAISD teachers accepted to the program will receive full tuition coverage in exchange for signing a loan forgiveness contract with an obligation to continue employment with SAISD for three years beyond completing the degree.


San Antonio Independent School District

Available Majors

Secondary English Language Arts (Grades 5-12)
Secondary Science (Grades 5-12)
Secondary Mathematics (Grades 5-12)


The Relay San Antonio Masters of Arts in Teaching: Content Intensive track is a 36 credit hour program, with 18 of those hours focused exclusively on content. Relay’s academic calendar and program structure are designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of graduate students who hold full-time positions in schools. We deliver blended instruction through both online and in-person content so that graduate students have flexibility to complete large portions of the coursework when it is most convenient for their schedules.


In addition to online coursework, teachers will attend regular in-person sessions, including:

  • Three weeknight courses per month from 6:00-8:30pm; 
  • Occasional Saturday classes from 9:00am - 2:30pm;
  • A one-week session during the first summer of the program; and
  • A one-week session during the second summer of the program.

The next cohort will begin in early summer 2019. The summer term runs until the end of August. The Fall term runs until the end of November. The Spring term runs from late January until early May. The second summer term will run for one week in summer 2020.


In addition to the standard M.A.T. admissions and certification requirements, participants in the San Antonio M.A.T.: Content Intensive program must meet the following campus-specific admissions and certification requirements.

Prospective graduate students for the San Antonio M.A.T.: Content Intensive program must first be recommended by SAISD. The application for recommendation can be found on the SAISD website. Once candidates have passed through the SAISD application, they will be recommended to continue to Relay’s application.


  • Teaching Proficiency: Following submission of the initial application, Relay will reach out to selected applicants to request additional artifacts demonstrating their teaching proficiency in various areas of classroom practice.
  • Aligned Certification: Applicants must provide proof of a Texas certificate matching the applicant’s major at Relay San Antonio. Applicants to the 2017-18 San Antonio M.A.T.: Content Intensive program must hold a certificate by May 1, 2017.
  • Minimum GPA: Applicants must have a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (Applicants with a GPA of lower than 3.0 but of at least 2.75 may be considered for admission by submitting an additional letter of recommendation that explains their qualifications for admission to Relay. Please note that there is currently no non-matriculated status option for graduate students with a GPA lower than 2.75 at Relay San Antonio).


The Relay San Antonio M.A.T.: Content Intensive program is open only to certified teachers and does not offer an opportunity to pursue certification. Teachers may pursue additional certification areas on their own following completion of the program by passing the appropriate examinations and meeting any additional state requirements.

Contact Information


Relay San Antonio
250 E Grayson St.
San Antonio, TX 78215

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Any current, former or prospective graduate student may file an official grievance by completing the Student Grievance Form. This form is available to students and former students in the GEN-101 module on the Course Platform and to prospective students by emailing a request to

Per Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) rules codified under Title 19 of the Texas Administrative Code, Sections 1.110 – 1.120, current, former and prospective students may initiate a complaint with the THECB after exhausting the institutional grievance process. Grievances may be filed with the THECB by sending the required forms either by electronic mail to or by mail to:

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
College Readiness and Success Division
P.O. Box 12788
Austin, Texas 78711-2788