Relay New York MAT

Relay New York offers a two-year MAT program that includes recommendation for state certification.



Students may qualify for additional institutional aid and federal aid toward total out of pocket tuition expense. Payment Plans also available. Please contact Student Financial Services with any questions or for more information.

*Certification exam costs are determined by the State of New York. Download the Relay New York Certification Highlights Guide for an overview of certification requirements and costs.

Available Majors

Childhood (Grades 1-6)
Early Childhood (Grades PK-2)
Middle Childhood Generalist (Grades 5-9) with a concentration in ELA, Math, Science or Social Studies
Middle Childhood Science Biology (Grades 5-9)
Adolescent Education Biology (Grades 7-12)
Middle Childhood Science Chemistry (Grades 5-9)
Adolescent Education Chemistry (Grades 7-12)
Middle Childhood Science Earth Science (Grades 5-9)
Middle Childhood Education ELA (Grades 5-9)
Adolescent Education ELA (Grades 7-12)
Middle Childhood Education Mathematics (Grades 5-9)
Adolescent Education Mathematics (Grades 7-12)
Middle Childhood Science Physics (Grades 5-9)
Adolescent Education Physics (Grades 7-12)
Middle Childhood Education Social Studies (Grades 5-9)
Adolescent Education Social Studies (Grades 7-12)
Teaching Students with Disabilities Childhood* (Grades 1-6)
Teaching Students with Disabilities Adolescent* (Grades 7-12)

Using Relay New York's Certification Chart, interested applicants should select a Relay major based on the subject and grade level of their teaching placement. Each Relay major corresponds to a New York State Transitional B certificate, which is the first step to alternate route certification in New York. Read more about certification requirements and timelines below.

Special Education Dual Certification

Relay New York also offers dual certification programs in special education and general education. In two years, teachers can receive general education licensure, special education licensure, and a master’s degree.

The following programs are currently available and lead to corresponding certification in general and special education:

  • The Childhood Teaching Exceptional Learners program
    • Leads to a 1) Teaching Students with Disabilities Childhood Transitional B certificate and a 2) Childhood Education Transitional B certificate.
    • Once they have met all New York State requirements, graduate students will be certified to teach students with and without disabilities in grades one through six.
  • The 7-12 Adolescent Teaching Exceptional Learners program
    • Leads to a 1) Teaching Students with Disabilities Adolescent 7-12 Transitional B certificate and a 2) Middle Childhood Generalist 5-9 Transitional B certificate.
    • Once they have met all New York State requirements, graduate students will be certified to teach students without disabilities in grades five through nine and with disabilities in grades seven through twelve.

For more information about Relay’s special education certification program, including admissions requirements, visit the Special Education Certification page.


The Relay MAT is a 36 credit hour program. Relay’s academic calendar and program structure are designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of graduate students who hold full-time positions in schools. We deliver about 40% of the content online and 60% in person so that graduate students have flexibility to complete large portions of the coursework when it is most convenient for their schedules.


In addition to online coursework, teachers will attend regular in-person sessions, including:

  • A two-week summer session before the first year of the program;
  • A two-week summer session between the first and second years of the program;
  • Two weeknight sessions each month, for core teaching instruction; and
  • One Saturday session each month OR two weeknights each month, for instruction specific to grade levels and subjects.

Relay has three terms each year (summer, fall, and spring).


In addition to the standard MAT admissions and certification requirements, participants in the New York MAT program must meet the following campus-specific admissions and certification requirements.

The Relay New York MAT program provides a pathway for alternate route licensure. Eligible applicants who are not licensed as teachers in New York may receive an Initial Certificate by completing this program and satisfying additional certification requirements.

Download the New York Certification Highlights Guide for high-level information about certification requirements and a timeline of key milestones. Read the Certification Chart and visit the Transitional B FAQ page for more detailed information about exams and workshops, setting up a TEACH account, program codes, and fingerprint clearance

Please note that certification steps occur prior to admission, during the program, and upon completion of the program. This information is important! Failure to pass licensure exams and meet other certification criteria may result in loss of your teaching position and/or removal from the New York MAT program.

Applicants seeking to enroll in the dual-certification special education and general education programs should visit the Special Education Certification application page for a list of additional admissions and certification requirements.

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