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About Us Jesse Rector

Founded in 2007 as Teacher U at Hunter College, and later, in 2011 as an independent, accredited institute of higher education, Relay Graduate School of Education was established to tackle the stark and troubling association between family income, race, and achievement in schools by providing high-quality, practice-based training to teachers and leaders who could develop in all students the academic skills and strength of character deemed necessary to succeed in college and life.

Relay’s Leadership Programs are grounded in research showing that school leaders matter and that effective school leadership has a significant positive effect on outcomes, particularly in schools serving those students with the highest need. Our professional development experiences aim to better prepare school and system leaders to improve their skills in core instructional and cultural leadership so teaching and learning can allow all students to flourish.

Since 2013, Relay Leadership Programs has supported over 3,600 leaders from over 185 districts and charter schools across 39 states and 3 countries.

For questions about partnerships, admissions, and enrollment please contact the Relay Leadership Programs Team at support@relay.edu.